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Gastric Cancers: Surgical Management and Prognostic Factors in the General Surgery Department of the National Ignace Deen Hospital, Conakry (Guinea)

Introduction: gastric cancer remains one of the leading causes of cancer death worldwide. The aim of this work was to study the surgical management and to determine the prognostic factors of gastric cancer in the general surgery department of the Ignace Deen national hospital, Conakry (Guinea). Patients and methods: This was a retrospective descriptive study covering a period of 10 years (January 2012 - December 2021) on the consecutive records of patients operated on for gastric cancer in the general surgery department of the Ignace Deen national hospital, Conakry. The variables studied concerned sociodemographic, clinical, therapeutic, histological and prognostic aspects. Results: During the 10 years, we collected 57 gastric cancer cases representing 40.7% of all digestive cancers. The average age of the patients was 57 ± 27.3 years (extremes: 19 and 90 years) with a male predominance (64.9%). In the majority of cases, the cancer had a budding aspect (57.9%) and was located in the antro-pyloric region (71.9%). In the management, curative gastrectomy was possible in 35.1% of cases against 61.4% of palliative surgery and 20% of adjuvant treatment. We recorded a morbidity of 14% and an early mortality of 7%. Two-year survival was 12.3%. Advanced tumor stage was the only significant prognostic factor (p=0.015). Conclusion: Gastric cancer was the most common digestive tract cancer operated on in the general surgery department of the Ignace Deen national hospital during the study period. Treatment was palliative in the majority of cases. Advanced tumor stage was the only significant factor associated with prognosis.

Gastric Cancer, Surgery, Prognosis, Conakry, Guinea

Conde Ansoumane, Fofana Naby, Soumaoro Labile Togba, Kondano Saa Yawo, Fofana Houssein, et al. (2023). Gastric Cancers: Surgical Management and Prognostic Factors in the General Surgery Department of the National Ignace Deen Hospital, Conakry (Guinea). Cancer Research Journal, 11(3), 91-93.

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